What Every Sports Gambler Needs To Know: Gambling Glossary

When you’re just starting to get familiar with sports betting, things can become somewhat overwhelming. If you aren’t equipped with the proper glossary of terms you may find yourself making a minor mistake that could cost you more than you had hoped to lose. Make sure that every dollar has a return by educating yourself on the more common terms in sports betting sites top list.

Action describes the amount of bets that have already been places on a specific event and will tell you how popular a specific bet is among the population.

Bad Beat is something many people fear in the world of sports betting. This is when everything seems to be looking like a win until a loss is listed at the very last moment.

A Beard is commonly used in sports gambling to describe another person placing a bet for you. If you have a beard it means that you are using another name to conceal your identity.horse-racing-358907_960_720-1

A buck or dollar does not represent the number one. In sports betting a buck or dollar is a hundred value wager which is good to know in order to make sure you don’t over or under bet. Similar to a buck bet, a dime bet does not represent ten but one thousand and a dime line is a betting line at ten percent – which can often create confusion for many gamblers.

Chalk is what bettors use to describe the preferred team or athlete by the general public. If you hear someone say that one team is ‘the chalk’ than they are referring to the more popular choice.

Many gamblers will make bets on futures which are events or games that are going to occur but all of the details may not have been established. Some gamblers will make a bet on the playoff champion before the season has started.

Become the master of your own financial security by using all of this knowledge to make bets that will pay off big time.

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